5 Ways to Resolve Income Tax Queries with Ease

Income Tax

The Income Tax Department provides several avenues to answer queries and resolve doubts relating to compliance and tax return filing both on and off their website that cost you nothing at all. Direct tax payments and income tax returns efiling can be very complicated in cases where your sources of income include other commercial opportunities.

5 Ways to Resolve Income Tax Queries with Ease

Here we detail five of the commonest ways you can find answers to your tax related queries.

    1. Chat Helpline:

      The latest initiative by the CBDT proposes to let users of the income tax return efiling portal to initiate a chat session with a pool of professionals from the income tax department and independent experts. They will answer very basic and general queries with regard to the process of returns filing and public information available on the portal.
      All you need to enter the chatroom is to register with a valid email. You will be able to
      They might not, however, be able to answer queries specific to your situation all the time. Further, their opinions on specific matters are not to be considered an endorsement by the tax authorities.

    2. E-Nivaran:

      The E-Nivaran process is a special grievance redressal mechanism supervised by your Assessing Officer. This initiative was started to replace the previous method of responding through physical letters and notices. It covers issues such as income tax returns filed online, rectification requests, refunds and outstanding tax demands.

      The E-Nivaran system can be accessed via a tab of the same name on the income tax login portal. Moreover, a PAN or a TAN are not necessary to seek resolutions here.
      You may not pose questions relating to matters under the RTI, religious concerns or grievances against foreign governments. Only citizens and tax assessees subject to the Indian Income Tax can post their issues here. The objective being grievance redressal, you have to have filed at least one return or be in the process of filing one to obtain relevant answers. The subject and scope of your queries is limited by categories to be filled in.

    3. TRPS:

      The CBDT began the Tax Return Preparer Scheme to assist salaried and small taxpayers to file their returns correctly without having to go through costly financial experts.
      A Tax Return Preparer is a trained individual tutored by the Income Tax Department to help tax assessees specifically with the returns process. You can book an appointment with a TRP from home or office by calling 1800-10-23738 and the preparer will undertake to visit the place agreed upon. The tax preparer receives a small commission on the tax paid by you against your return.

      For the first three assessment years of your ITR filing you will bear no charge but thereafter you will be charged Rupees 250 per income tax return per assessment year.
      The drawbacks to this process include time crunches, especially with regard to fixing a time and a place, the fact that the TRP is not a fully qualified CA and that she cannot assist you if you qualify for an audit report along with your return.

    4. E-Proceedings:

      For the Financial Year 2017 – 18, the authorities have introduced a system of electronic communication of proceedings and serving of notices for time-barred cases involving scrutiny orders under Section 119 of the I-T Act.
      Ordinary enquiries before assessment by the AO regarding your return may be made under the filing dashboard of the income tax login portal.
      Manual documents for submission may be called for where the documents were earlier prepared manually, examination of witnesses and personal hearing requests.
      Assessees may opt out of the e-proceeding at a later stage.
      Due to the aim here being the resolution of a tax dispute, the scope and risk of incorrect or costly submission of queries and grievances increases significantly.

    5. E-filing intermediaries:

      These intermediaries are online websites authorized by the tax authorities to host an application to easily accept your ITR submissions. Some platforms such as AllindiaITR allow you to upload your Form 16 and have ITR form fields populated automatically. This makes the process of efiling your income tax returnsswift and simple.
      Apart from the ordinary process of tax returns, the platform offers a host of ancillary and auxiliary services such as expert assistance for either salaried individuals or businesses. You may post a question via emailand have it answered promptly if the issue relates to any general matter.
      Further, low-cost tailored solutions are available for income earners and professionals to assist with tax returns, response to I-T notices, tax planning, audit of business and ROC incorporation.

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  2. This all the query which person need.these 5. ways are really helpfull for all tax payers.Every ways are helpfull for every tax payers. If everyone know about the are not afraid of paying taxes online.Thnx for this this really help me alot.This blog is really helpfull for us to know more about different query. This tell us everything that we should know about query. This is like a algorithm to fill taxes becaute it tell us step by step how we should fill taxes and yes it is also easy to understand. It tell breifly and accurately about taxes. The best thing about this blog is that we can get every information hear only. we shoud not go on different side to search about itr. Great work keep it up.
    Can you tell me how e-procedding works?

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  6. This blog contains all the solutions of the problem that one can need or even think of and all the more the best part is it is very easy to understand. It contains great information and is very useful if one is supposed to fill an ITR i would suggest to open this blog side by side so that he/ she can fill it up without any hassles. This blog is short crisp and even answers my questions which is hard to find these days. I am very sure many of the people would not know what is TRPS AND E-NAVARAN but after reading this they will come to get a better understanding about these 2 and this will help them even more. All in all an amazing blog keep up the good work guys!!


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