How to know that your ITR has been rejected

How your ITR has been rejected

Have you filed your income tax returns yet? If yes, don’t rest assured because it gets rejected at times. Only when your ITR-V (Income tax return verification), gets verified, then the tax filling process can be complete. What then is ITR-V? It is a document that a taxpayer receives from the income tax department when he completes filing his income tax returns. You, being a taxpayer, can verify your ITR-V by downloading a copy from your e-mail or from the income tax department website account. This copy must then be signed and sent to the office of income tax department in Bengaluru. If your ITR-V is not valid, then the entire process of e-filing would only be a waste of time, as it will be considered that your income tax return was never filed.

If your income tax return has not been verified, you may receive a notice by the income tax department that you are yet to file your income tax return. Now you may want to know the reason why your ITR-V was not approved. This reason can be known by logging in to your account on the income tax department website, clicking on My Account and then clicking on the acknowledgment number.

Reasons for rejection of ITR-V

The income tax department may reject if:

  1. Your signature is missing (you e-filed your return without a digital signature)
  2. Your document is of poor quality (your document is torn, crumpled, wet or unreadable or in a condition that makes it difficult to know the details on the document)
  3. You did not file your ITR-V on time (it should reach the income tax department’s office within 120 days of filing your income tax return)

If your ITR-V is indeed rejected, the tax department will update you about it either through an SMS or an email.

Another way to verify is by using your bank account details, by using net banking and your demat account. If you are using an electronic method, e-verification has to be done within 72 hours of generating the code. This is due to the fact that the code expires after 72 hours. And if you made a mistake while entering your mobile phone number or email address, your ITR-V will, without a doubt, be rejected. You will either have to verify it again or go through the entire process of filing revised returns.

Make sure you avoid the complications associated with rejection of your ITR-V and file it accurately on time.


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