Update bank account and address for income tax refunds

bank account and address for income tax refunds

After filing income tax people get relaxed and start waiting for the refunds which you are supposed to receive from the Income tax departments if any. Nothing is better than getting even a small amount of refunds from your paid tax. Getting a tax refund is like getting a brand new salary cheque. After waiting for some time you start panicking that what happen to your tax refunds? Is there any error personal details? Have I mentioned a wrong bank account number? Your concern is genuine.  Even if you have made a mistake while updating your account number, you shouldn’t worry as you have the option to correct it.

If this is the case you should have to update your bank account detail along with the MICR code where credit should be affected to the assessing officer. Here we will provide you with the steps to change your bank account for income tax refund.

1. Go to income tax department site and log in with your user ID and password.

2. Go to my account then proceed to the service request and then reach to Refund reissue request.

3. Then you are required to enter some necessary details such as CPC reference number, request sequence number, date of birth, PAN number, assessment year etc. Keep your records ready and handy with you as you are required to enter all these credentials.

CPC Communication Reference Number: When your refund has been failed due to an error in bank account details then under the section 143(1) of Income-tax Act you would receive “intimation” or under the section 154 of Income-tax Act, you would receive “rectification order” from the income tax department. This is the information that your refund has been failed. The CPC number is written on the first page of the letter. CPC number looks like something CPC/1013/P5/xxx xxx xxx x where “xxx xxx xxx x” represents a ten digit number.

4. Captcha will be shown. Enter the write captcha and then click on validate button.

5. The assessee will be given two options for applying refund reissue that is ECS and paper. Select one of them and then proceed further.

6. In ECS mode you will be given the option of changing your bank account detail. Update if required.

Now, Sit back and relax, you are done with the process and now wait for the refunds.

In case your address is changed

Sometimes it happens that people have changed their address after filing their Income tax return and the cheque issued by the income tax department as the refund fails to reach them. You can update your current address and raise a request of re-issue your refunds. Here we will provide you with steps to update your address. You can raise request for re-issue refunds if and only if your refund is failed and returned to the income tax department. Follow these simple steps to get your refund on new address-

1. Go to income tax department website.

2. Log in with your username and password.

3. Go to my account followed by service request and then the refund re-issue request option.

4. Fill your details like CPC reference number, request sequence number, date of birth, PAN number, assessment year etc.

5. Select the mode through which you want to receive the refunds – ECS or Cheque. Provide the new bank account number if it has changed.   Provide your new address.

6. Once the request has been submitted, your new address will be updated with the income tax department. You will receive your refund through cheque on your new address.


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