Checking your Income Tax Refund status

Checking your Income Tax Refund status
Checking your Income Tax Refund status

One can apply for an income tax Refund status in the case of having paid more tax in the previous year than you were expected to pay on your income. It is the assessing officers in the income tax department who make the reissue of your tax refund possible.

Checking your Income Tax Refund status

AllIndiaITR allows taxpayers to check refund status online from the comfort of their homes. You should visit refund status page on our site. Then, follow the following steps.

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  • Enter all the required details such as your Personal Account Number (PAN), the assessment year, your date of birth, and email address in the given fields.
  • After entering the details, click “Submit”. A pop-up screen will appear showing a progress bar (it can take a few minutes).
  • The updated status for tax refund will then be displayed on the screen.

 The registration process at All India ITR is also quick and easy. Simply go to the login page and follow through the registration process by entering the details given below:

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  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number
  • Password

Income Tax Refund status

Then click the agreement box and submit your registration.

Filing Income Tax Return

Return of Income filing portal is basically a form with details of income earned by a taxpayer in a financial year and the taxes paid to the Income Tax Department. There are many forms, a selection of which are filed depending upon the status and nature of the claims on your tax liability. Tax experts at All India ITR are there to guide individual taxpayers as well as corporations for efiling.

Find out how to save taxes on your income with AllIndiaITR.

According to the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), your tax refund will be credited by your refund banker, the State Bank of India and transferred directly to your Savings Bank account 10 days after your Assessing Officer forwards your money to the banker.

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