File ITR without Aadhar

File ITR
File ITR

File ITR without Aadhar. These days Aadhar number is necessary for almost every Government related activity, in that case, how can you shy away from Filing your Income Tax Returns without Aadhar Card. Well, this can be a trouble for those who don’t have Aadhar.

File ITR without Aadhar

According to Supreme Court’s 13 March Verdict, it has directed the Government to avoid the usage of Aadhar till the Apex Court provides its final verdict. On the other hand, if you go to Income Tax Department’s Official Website it still bars the taxpayers from filing returns without an Aadhar Card, despite the Supreme Court’s order that indefinitely extended the deadline for the linking of the Aadhar number.

With the Return filing date nearing, the individuals who have not filed their returns yet and who don’t have an Aadhar card as well are sceptical about whether they can file their Income Tax Returns at all or not.

As per Income Tax Rules a taxpayer cannot file his/her Income Tax Returns without quoting his/her Aadhar Number, in spite of the fact that, according to 13th March order directing the government to not make it mandatory to quote Aadhaar until the Supreme Court announces its final verdict, there is no evident change in the IT Department’s website.

File ITR without Aadhar

According to Finance Act 2017, it was mandatory for the taxpayer to link his/her Aadhar number to Permanent Account Number. Moreover, the court ruling does not specifically mention anything about the exclusion of the need to provide your Aadhar while filing Income Tax Returns. Since there is no further notification by CBDT or Central Board of Direct Taxes, taxpayers can assume that maybe you will still require your Aadhar Number to file Income Tax Returns. The compulsion to provide Aadhar Number directly defies Supreme Court’s order.

So, those who don’t have Aadhar and are due to File Income Tax Returns, trouble does not seem to end for your folks, as you cannot file ITR returns without Aadhar.


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