Know your Income Tax Return Status

Know your Income Tax Return Status
Know your Income Tax Return Status

If a taxpayer has filed his Income Tax Return Status and has verified it too, then in that case the taxpayer can keep a tab on his/her Income Tax Return and know whether the ITR has been accepted and processed.

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It is important for a taxpayer to check his ITR Status time and again to know whether the ITR has been received and processed by Central Processing Centre or CPC Bangalore. If you keep a tab on the Income Tax Return on regular basis, then you will get to know about the errors, that you could have made while filing the Income Tax Return.

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In case the status of the Income Tax is pending then, the taxpayer can provide a suitable reply to the income tax department with respect to the status pending in the account so as to avoid any complications in the future.

Different Types of Income Tax Return status

ITR Submitted and pending for E-verification

This status appears when a taxpayer has either filed the income tax return and verified it manually and sent the acknowledgement to the department but the same has not been received by the department yet or has failed to e-verify the Income Tax Return.

E-verified Successfully

This status appears when the taxpayer has filed the Income Tax Return on time and along with it verified the ITR too, but the Income Tax Return has not yet processed by the Central Processing Centre.

ITR Processed

If the status of your ITR shows ‘processed’, then in that case it means that the return is successfully processed by the Income Tax Department without any discrepancies.

ITR Defective

If the status of an ITR appears as ITR defective, then, in that case, your ITR hasn’t been filed in accordance with provisions of the law. If your return is found defective then you will receive a notice of defective return under section 139(9) asking you to rectify the defect within 15 days from the date of receiving notice. If you don’t respond to a defective return then ITR will be considered as invalid.

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