Pensioners can now get their Life Certificates at the doorstep or through Post Offices

Pensioners can now get their Life Certificates at the doorstep or through Post Offices

Retired people (Pensioners), regardless of whether they get Central or state pensions, starting now and into the foreseeable future, need not step out of their homes to submit their annual life certificates to their respective pension offices. The Central government declared that Jeevan Pramaan, an Aadhaar-based Biometric Enabled Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners would now be generated through post offices or at the doorstep of the retired person through postmen.

A pensioner whose Pension Sanctioning Authority (PSA) is available on Jeevan Pramaan and is qualified for Jeevan Pramaan certification, can check if their individual PSA is listed for this facility at Typically, from November to March are the months when pensioners line up at their local pension offices to present a physical life certificate. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic actually seething the nation over, with nearly all pensioners falling into the vulnerable age group of more than 60 years, pensioners will now have an alternative to complete their Jeevan Pramaan certification at home by a postman. A service request for this can be placed through the PostInfo app.

Meanwhile, the Employees Provident Fund Organization has approached all pensioners to remain safe and at home and said that it has set up a multi-office framework that permits EPS pensioners with a decision to choose the service delivery agency as per their convenience. EPS retired people can submit Aadhaar-based Biometric Digital Life Certificate or Jeevan Pramaan at banks, closest post office, or at common service centers/Mee Seva Centres. Pensioners have to carry their mobile, bank passbook, Pension Payment Order number, and Aadhar number. The EPFO likewise said that then again, they can contact their local postman/nearest post office for submitting the Jeevan Pramaan certificate.

EPFO said that consequently, they can present their life certificates online at any time of the year rather than in November and December and such certificates will be valid for 12 calendar months after submission. The Telangana government also approached state pensioners not to visit pension payment offices and use Jeevan Pramaan framework or the T-App folio for submitting their life certificates digitally.

Things Needed for Jeevan Praman

Given below is a list of things required to obtain Jeevan Praman Certificate:

  • Aadhaar number
  • Mobile Number
  • Registration of the Aadhaar Number with Pension Disbursing Agency (Bank/Post office etc)
  • Type of Pension
  • Sanctioning Authority
  • Disbursing Agency
  • PPO Number and Account Number (pension).

Digital Life Certificate will be automatically available to all pension disbursing offices, or offices. The certificate can likewise be download at . Retired People have to provide their fingerprints in order to get their life certificate.

For more information, visit the website of All India ITR.


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