Understanding different Refund Status online – Part 1

Refund status
Refund status

Since the last date for filing the previous IT returns and claiming your tax refund is approaching, it’s important to know the meaning of each refund status you may see on the income tax filing government website.

Understanding different Refund Status online

Income Tax Refund is allotted to a taxpayer by the Income Tax department when his/her tax liability is less than the actual amount paid in taxes.

Let’s see what a refund status means and what action is required if you face one of them.

No e-filing has been done

It means that you have either not filed your return or filed it manually/offline.

Refund is already credited to your bank, please contact your bank.

This tells that your refund has been processed and credited to your Bank Account. So you should contact your bank.

Refund cheque has already been encashed.

Here, your refund has been processed and credited to your Bank Account and the same has been encashed as well.

If your refund has not been credited, then check with your bank.

Refund Not Determined

Your Income Tax Return is still under process at the Income Tax Department’s end. You need to wait for a few days and recheck the status later.

Unable to credit refund as the account number provided by you is incorrect.

This refund status means that the account number provided by you was incorrect. You should apply for refund reissue by submitting the correct account number to claim your refund.

Check your income tax refund status at AllIndiaITR.

Defective return u/s 139(9)

There is a chance that your return has been treated as the defective Return. For this reason, you can check this in your income tax website user account.

ITR Processed but need to submit rectification request

It may occur due to a discrepancy in the calculation of department. Eventually, you may receive intimation from the department to submit your calculation sheet one more time.

Return submitted. Processing rights transferred to Jurisdiction Assessing Officer.

It means that your return will be processed by your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer (AO). Please contact AO for further details.

Return Submitted and not verified

In this case, your return has been submitted successfully but it has not been e-verified either via post or online mode. Further, until and unless you verify your return, it would not be processed by the income tax department. Thus, verify within 120 days from the date of filing.

Return Processed with No Demand and No Refund

It states that your return has been processed successfully without any additional tax payable or refund due. Also, the details can be checked from the intimation received on your email.




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