What is E-assessment of ITR?


E-assessment of Income Tax Returns (ITR) was one of the changes which Budget 2018 brought. The main focus of this was to avoid the interface between the IT Department and Taxpayers. This scheme came into being on pilot basis last year with the same objective.

E-assessment of ITR

In 2018, the Centralised Communication Scheme was notified by the Central Board of Direct Taxes. This was done for centralised issuance of notices, according to which, all the notices that needs an assessee to furnish any information or document, must be issued by Centralised Communication Centre, by using a digital signature and sending an email or by placing a copy in the registered account on the portal, that will be followed by an intimation SMS.

What needs to be done?

The central Board of Direct Taxes is planning to make this scheme more robust and the tax department must specify from time to time, procedures and processes for effective functioning of the CCC. Some pertinent questions will be answered in the coming days.

How E-assessment can help?

Assessment proceedings are a tedious task for an assessee, not just investment of enormous amount of time and cost but also a cause for worry owing to the possibility of harassment at the hands of the tax officer.

Other than that, saving the precious time of the assessees, this anytime/anywhere facility will help the assessee to submit response to the queries easily and get important submissions. Moreover, the elimination of person-to-person contact will lead to greater efficiency and transparency in the Indian taxation system. These initiatives tell us that India is all in for improving its tax administration and make it simple and easier for the taxpayers.

What should I do?

Well, it is important that taxpayer provides correct email-id and phone number in the income-tax return, if you make any mistake in these details, then it may mean non-receipt of notices, leading to interest, penalty and even prosecution in certain cases.

If you receive a notice, then don’t worry. You should never ignore a notice. A notice does not necessarily mean you have made a huge mistake. Even a minor error in tax return can invite a notice from the tax authorities.

You must provide all the relevant documents, as directed in the notice and also file a rectified return and pay the tax due, if any, within the given period of time.



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