What is Form 26AS and Why it is Important?

form 26AS
form 26AS

If you have filed your Income Tax Returns before you will certain know that filing Income Tax Returns is not an easy job and if you have misplaced your Form 16, then may get worse for you. In that case your last resort is Form 26AS, that will help you to sail through.

Form 26AS is an annual statement that contains the details of the TDS, tax refunds associated with a PAN for a particular financial year. It also provides the details of Annual Information Return Transactions that are reasonably high-value transactions, with respect to shares, mutual funds etc.

Here are the following things that a Form 26AS contains: –

You can see your form 26AS using the easy steps mentioned below: –

  • Go to the official government website and if you have already registered yourself, then you can go to login here option and click on it.
  • Once you have clicked on login you will have to put your User ID, password, date of birth and the auto generated captcha.
  • Once you have entered all the credentials you will have to proceed to the next page, where you will have click on “my account” tab after which you will get a drop down and, in that drop, down you will have to click on Form 26AS.
  • A new window will appear in front of you, when you confirm it you will go to a new link and in that link if you click on confirm you will go to the TRACES website, where you can see your form 26AS.
  • Now, through the TRACES (TDS-CPC) website, you will be able view your form 26AS. A dialogue box will appear where you will have to select the box on the screen and click on ‘Proceed’. After the click on the hyperlink present at the bottom of the page you need to on the ‘Click View Tax Credit (Form 26AS) to finally view your Form 26AS.


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