When can you receive an Income Tax Notice?

Income Tax
Income Tax

It is mandatory for any one who has an income in India to pay Income Tax. When you file your Income Tax Return, there are chances that you may have made some errors while filing your ITR, due to which you may receive a tax notice. Here are some of the situations where you can receive a tax notice: –

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  1. Error in TDS amount

The most common error which many taxpayers make while filing ITR is the mistake in the TDS amount. Sometimes your employer or deductor may have delayed or made a mistake in filing their TDS returns. In that case there will be a problem with your return too, in this situation you can request your employer to revise the TDS amount credited to you.

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  1. A difference in the Income Tax Return, that you have filed

If there is the difference in the amount that is declared by you in the Income Tax return, that you have filed, try to understand the difference.

Filing ITR

Differences may arise because:

  • You may have forgotten to declare some incomes, like Interest from FDs
  • You may have claimed a deduction under the wrong section
  • You may have provided incomplete information

Remember, these notices are generated automatically by the Income Tax Department’s software.

Sometimes you may have filed everything correctly to the best of your knowledge, but still may have received a notice. It’s always good to have an expert look at your notice and after taking the proper consultation you can respond to the notice.

  1. Issues related to Documents

There are times when the Income Tax department does review certain documents that you have provided, based on which your Income Tax return is filed. If you receive a tax notice, due to some faulty document, then in that case you are supposed to provide the correct document to the Income Tax Department at the earliest.

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