World Environment Day 2017: How to make Earth a better Place


We are gifted with valuable resources given by the Mother Nature.  And it our duty to save environment, so that it can remain worth livable and we can give a better place for generations to come. To mark common issue in the way of a better environments we celebrate 5th June as World Environment Day. It is being celebrated since 5th June 1973. It is a day when we get to know about the issues related to our environment and take a pledge to keep it safe and clean. To make it clean, we should keep our eyes open and be active to take corrective steps against the elements destroying our environment.

How to save environment?

Water – A precious gem:

Water is a precious component of our environment. It should never be wasted and should be treated as a precious resource. Most people even do not get drinking water. After so many years of urbanization even now also, many areas do not get proper water supply. So conserve it.

Non-renewable resources of energy: There would be no such existence of environmental problems if raw-materials like petroleum, coal and natural gas would be used judiciously. Solar energy can be put to best use.

Plastic:  A hazard: Plastic is an unfriendly material to our environment. Use of plastic should be discouraged to save your environments.

Find ways to recycle: Recycle products to reduce pollution.  Buy the products with least packaging and recycle the waste product.

Check Deforestation: Cutting down trees is known as deforestation. There should be no tolerance towards deforestation. Everyone should contribute towards growing more and more trees as and when possible.

Make Compost: We make a large pile of waste material in a year. Reduce the amount of solid waste you make in a year so that you can save your environment. Compost is a great natural fertilizer.  Making compost is easier than you think.

Cycle Around:  Walk by foot or bicycles, if you have to go nearby because this will reduce greenhouse gases, burn some calories and improve your health. This will maintain your health along with maintenance of ecosystem.

Reduce amount of meat:

Reduce the amount of meat you eat or better become vegetarian. Killing of animals disturbs the delicate balancing of our environments.

Support organization working for environment

One way to save environments is to support organization working to save it.  Donate to NGO’s that are engaged in plantation of trees or in any way take initiative for saving the environment. The amount which is donated for saving the environments will be exempted from taxes according to section 80G while e-filing ITR.  So do your part to save environment.


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